Friday, September 25, 2015

The Elements Speak

I have been communing with the spirits for guidance these days and have found myself guided to forming a deck of cards to help me and others figure out more clearly what they may be telling us.  I have been working out of the Gnomestead, although I have another space to work among other artistic types where we all, once a year, open up our studios to the public - so they might get a better look at the whimsical and fantastical things we put together!

This Opening of Studios - much like the opening to the fairy mounds at the Solstices - is happening this Saturday and Sunday, October 26th and 27th from 12-5.  I will be there on Saturday.

Sunday I am called away with a family elder celebration for one of the matriarchs of my family. So, only one solar appearance this year before I am swept away by my clan. So, Saturday it may be worth a visit to the land of fey artists and other marginal folk who dream fantastic things into reality to share with open hearts to you and other members of our community at large. (Or Sunday - in my absence - you may visit others, as well as my space (without me in it.) My door will be open and there will be a wonderfully nice young man to show you around.

Blessings from the artistic and spirit world! (They are truly linked with inspiring glue!)  

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