Friday, September 25, 2015

The Elements Speak

I have been communing with the spirits for guidance these days and have found myself guided to forming a deck of cards to help me and others figure out more clearly what they may be telling us.  I have been working out of the Gnomestead, although I have another space to work among other artistic types where we all, once a year, open up our studios to the public - so they might get a better look at the whimsical and fantastical things we put together!

This Opening of Studios - much like the opening to the fairy mounds at the Solstices - is happening this Saturday and Sunday, October 26th and 27th from 12-5.  I will be there on Saturday.

Sunday I am called away with a family elder celebration for one of the matriarchs of my family. So, only one solar appearance this year before I am swept away by my clan. So, Saturday it may be worth a visit to the land of fey artists and other marginal folk who dream fantastic things into reality to share with open hearts to you and other members of our community at large. (Or Sunday - in my absence - you may visit others, as well as my space (without me in it.) My door will be open and there will be a wonderfully nice young man to show you around.

Blessings from the artistic and spirit world! (They are truly linked with inspiring glue!)  

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Living is Slow and the "inbetween"* Times!....... *Gnometime like the present!

Us Gnomes have been working on these crazy mixed up humans who share space with us (as do an array of other creatures both big and little) at the Gnomestead. They have been adding new things to their already overfull lives, expecting - miraculously - to get MORE done without understanding the laws of this universe on this, to us, rather obvious point.  It's like expecting an overfull stomach to be able to digest WELL!  They have been overloading their LIFE DIGESTING SYSTEM.  And they didn't realize this until they decided to have a Stay-cation at the Gnomestead.

All that uncomfortable overload is taking some time to unburden, the poor things, but it's happening... and we are happy to help them with prioritizing in a new healthy manner.

Priority number one:  Talk to us everyday before you start that crazy-human-running-around thing.  We'll keep the next steps clear, brief, and happy.

Priority number two: Talk to us when you think about adding one more thing.  When you add, you must also see the wisdom of subtracting to keep your balance.

Priority number three:  We can help.  The world of Nature is here to help you as we know you understand that you can help Nature in turn.  Don't isolate yourselves.  You'll go crazy - you KNOW what we mean.

So, the official Gnomestead Press has published another book about Turtles and their amazingly created Sport Event:  Turtle Olympics! ...when and where it took place.  By Bobbie Hill  

This was a stroke ...of some kind for the Gnomestead!

And now there are new things in the works requiring one of these human's to enjoy herself at the drawing table - but she overcommitted to a couple other activities which she needs to address first. She was even trying to work on three books and a deck of cards, at the same time. Tsk, tsk... We said (we're just saying) a mental meltdown was imminent in oh so many other words.

But we are here now, in Gnometime, to keep things flowing at a better and happier pace.

Give yourself a break this summer if you are able.  And have a talk with your local friendly gnomes.  We know what we're talking about with all those internal Nature working gifts of the universe.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Already - whhaat haappened?

Crystal here.  What happened?  It was Thanksgiving and now its past my Birthday and about to be time to dance around the Maypole?  Where have I been?... I'll tell you!

I have been between worlds preparing for my next adventure.  Sarah went into shock after the HealthExpo at the end of last year and took practically this long to wake up to the JOYS OF CREATING with us in the between spaces which live in her (and your) heart and are seen with her image-a-nation up in that secret third eye in the middle of all that brain matter's electrical amaze-itronics.

PLUS, a friend of hers, Bobbie Hill, has Published with Gnomestead Press now, too.  The story is about a bunch of amazingly creative turtles who make all this fantastic stuff from things found at the town dump, and turn their Spring into an Olympic event worthy of the Greek Gods ("Olympics" - Greek origin, right?) Great entertainment! (for ages 6 to 12 - or anyone!) So, that will be out in a week or so and we will send the link when we get it.

So, Sarah's current activities?  Yet another book is in the works - secretly.  I'll just say that there are a bunch of Trolls, Tomten, Nordic Gods, and all things Swedish American, waiting to get into the story. A story which was written by a magical sister maybe 20 years ago, with some photographic images of this magical occasion from 1960's which lends an eerie truth to its reality. Of course, Sarah has to put us magical folk in because the camera didn't pick us up. So, she's working on her "amaze-itrontics" gear with a Spring fruit cleanse and some meditative deep thoughts.  (I'll urge her to keep you posted more often now that she's awake once again to us.)

So, we get to be stars once again...