About Us

We live in a little home in New England where we're always up to something new and exciting here at the Gnomestead.  Our voices are many.  We are Sarah, Sherry, Jera (pronounced Yeara), Elsa, Sophie and the other many creatures which move among the green beings, and rock people.

Sarah Jeppson Zitter is the visual artist of the bunch.  Spending years at art classes and craft shops, she has found her way into comics, which feed her many dreams of drawing and creating small worlds to thrive in.

Sherry Jeppson Zitter is a therapist who, in her spare time writes music and works to make her home and community bring a smile to everyones' faces - including her own.  At least that's the way I see her.

And "our three girls", they bring us such joy and a strong bond with the present.  They are a gift to all who meet them.

And then there is all the other Life around us here.  We are just learning their voices as they help us grow this life here together.

We are very Blessed,

Life is very good,
here at the Gnomestead...