Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Already - whhaat haappened?

Crystal here.  What happened?  It was Thanksgiving and now its past my Birthday and about to be time to dance around the Maypole?  Where have I been?... I'll tell you!

I have been between worlds preparing for my next adventure.  Sarah went into shock after the HealthExpo at the end of last year and took practically this long to wake up to the JOYS OF CREATING with us in the between spaces which live in her (and your) heart and are seen with her image-a-nation up in that secret third eye in the middle of all that brain matter's electrical amaze-itronics.

PLUS, a friend of hers, Bobbie Hill, has Published with Gnomestead Press now, too.  The story is about a bunch of amazingly creative turtles who make all this fantastic stuff from things found at the town dump, and turn their Spring into an Olympic event worthy of the Greek Gods ("Olympics" - Greek origin, right?) Great entertainment! (for ages 6 to 12 - or anyone!) So, that will be out in a week or so and we will send the link when we get it.

So, Sarah's current activities?  Yet another book is in the works - secretly.  I'll just say that there are a bunch of Trolls, Tomten, Nordic Gods, and all things Swedish American, waiting to get into the story. A story which was written by a magical sister maybe 20 years ago, with some photographic images of this magical occasion from 1960's which lends an eerie truth to its reality. Of course, Sarah has to put us magical folk in because the camera didn't pick us up. So, she's working on her "amaze-itrontics" gear with a Spring fruit cleanse and some meditative deep thoughts.  (I'll urge her to keep you posted more often now that she's awake once again to us.)

So, we get to be stars once again...