The Gnomestead

The Gnomes Bring Healing to Our Home...

There comes a time when the clock starts ticking backwards.  The magic of turning inward as we look outward, a skill the Spirits are willing to share when we slow down to listen...

This is where we have found the gnomes of the place we call The Gnomestead. Comics, graphic novels, and other works about their lives, visions and values can and will be found on this site.

Many gnomes such as this one above have been living quietly away from the hustle and bustle of these modern times. It is these gnomes who we contacted recently. And it is these gnomes who have been by our side guiding us, whispering Mother Earth's wishes for us who live here, in this place, to live in harmony with Her ways.

We are very grateful for their much needed assistance as we are beginning to work the land. We are hoping to bring peace to our Mother, all Elemental beings, and our brothers and sisters.

Please join us as we share the gnomes' and friends' stories to heal both our bodies and minds, here... on our Gnomestead.