Friday, October 24, 2014

Hey, Honey Bun' !!

ANNOUNCING..... (drum roll, please)... 

the publication of Honey Bun' Love, Book III in the Gentle Mountain Way Series on the continuing exploits of Crystal Bunnytail!!!  Adventurous readers, this new book is for you!!  It delves into the heart and soul of Crystal's psyche and yours, with heartfelt analysis of how we can all grow and change by aligning with Spirit.

Full disclosure: this is Sarah's wife Sherry writing, with great enthusiasm for this just-published, vividly colorful, bursting-with-joy book for adult and teen readers alike. Check it out -- you won't be disappointed.

Since the book has JUST hit the presses, our website has not yet been updated with the new arrival. Readers who want to get it hot-off-the-press may go directly to to buy Honey Bun' Love. And don't be shy about adding a review if you wish!

Sarah's proud wife, Sherry
October 2014, from the Gnomestead

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