Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Can the Bunny Hop in?... or the bunny Hop out?...Why, the Bunny IS ALL ABOUT!

Crystal is thinking about how we are a part of the Earth.

The Earth... the Earth is not just the brown colored crust or, more abstractly, the blue and white marble-like sphere suspended here in this galaxy.  It is both ALL around us AND it is inside of us.  Actually, there is no way our bunny senses can actually BE outside of our worldly experience except by IMAGINING that our telescopes or magnifiers are going to find an end of our experience some day and the beginning of someTHING ...or someONE else?? Are we talking about ....about...God here?  Sort of BUNNY MIND blowing, both inside...and outside - if there IS an outside...

Crystal has been meditating upon this until her ears started to curl.  Where are we NOT?  What COULD God BE if there is no separation/boundary between us and this other that we say has created this? What if we are ALL "organic" material, like the scientists say, where the material of everything we experience and think about is unable to extract itself in order to be ABLE to see itself? What if we are trying to bump up against our boundaries to be able to define what is us and what is other (or God) and we just can't?  And what if there IS no boundary to our experience of us and we are just wasting time trying to define It/Us/All That Is? Could we use our time in totally different pursuits?  Could we be feeling and expressing our beauty and making harmonious connections with ALL OF US - a joyful joining with the universe, bunny-style?

Our planet is a real middle ground for our experience.  The Middle Way.  The Middle Earth - of Shamans and Tolkien's stories.  We are comfortable (and relatively coordinated), walking, talking, and moving through air, as we spin at around 800 MPH towards the East. We are breathing and eating, assimilating and letting go of what does not suit us anymore.

We have an emotional rhythm too.  There hasn't been a lot of time to assimilate the societal changes our country (the U.S.) has been going through.  Most of the Earth has become aware of the intense energy and discontent with what IS NOW.   This searching discontent has been sadly misguided by marketing, and greed, but the answers lie HERE within our experience. There may be no THERE...

Crystal is beginning to see how the Earth and ALL her beings are part of her consciousness BECAUSE she IS ABLE TO EXPERIENCE them. What we are able to experience with our senses is ALL part of our Middle Earth.  Even our brain synapses fire with the releasing of hormones and earthly provided ingested food stuffs.  Without them, we would be Other, which we can not define here on Middle Earth.  There are no words or description of Other that we CAN call God.  We just know LIFE FEELS...good, bad, or indifferent, but it FEELS.  And when we can relax, REALLY relax and just ALLOW, that feeling stuff oozes through us in a life-giving vibration sort of way. Crystal calls this feeling... LOVE.  Love, that treats our bodies tenderly - wonderfully.  Love that is - no judgments. Love that sees all as organic stuff of the universe.  We are meant to be HERE NOW, on our Middle Earth, boundary-less because it is/we are ALL living within Middle Earth.

  And Crystal asks.  What IS Death but Life too?  Is it but part of ALL THAT IS because there can be nothing that is other?

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